Y2K Fashion Trend: Why is it so popular right now?

Y2K Fashion Trend: Why is it so popular right now?

From clothes to accessories and even electronic gadgets! Love it or hate it, the truth is that the year 2000’s trends are slowly making a comeback and it’s already a major hit amongst Gen Z.

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But why is it so popular right now?

Following the 70’s and 80’s bright and colourful pieces, funky patterns and little bit more glitter, the Y2K is a happy and eloquent style that changed fashion history. Between Indie Sleaze, Scene and Twee style, we’re definitely referring to the one an only nostalgia, butterfly clips, “Lizzie McGuire” kinda vibe - ‘noughties’ as you might call it.

Before smartphones and the latest iPhone design dominated the scene, cell phones like the Motorola RAZR and Blackberry were the must-have accessory. Yes, accessory. Even ‘noughties’ pioneers like Paris Hilton and Rihanna weren’t able to resist. That’s why we're here - cell phone nostalgia - Back in the day when phone cases weren’t even a thing (or necessary, were they?) and people were decorating their phones with gems and stickers.

This shows that our phones play such a significant role in our everyday lives, and are also something that we use to reflect part of our personality. Nowadays phone covers are almost a must when it comes to protecting our 800£ devices but also, for this exact same reason - personality.

And in case you haven’t noticed yet, yes - We’ve also given in and started our own phone case collection inspired by the loved-hated 00’s trends. And we should tell you that this was the most fun of all and it’s still one of our and YOUR favourites!

Here’s our top picks:

2. From Acaso's "Y2K Pop Collection".

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