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Snap or Tough? - The Right Phone Case for You

This is probably one of the most frequently asked questions - "Does the Tough protective case make the phone much thicker?", "Would the shell part from the tough case fit on the iPhone without the bumper?", "What case should I go for?" and "What is the main different between the Snap and Tough cases".

Well, hope this post serves well answering all your questions regarding our two main products. We know how much can cost a good smartphone 
nowadays, and if you've just invested in a beautiful piece of tech, picking up the best phone case to protect it from harm is the next step - Some even make this move before the big arrival.

We know, we know - There is so many styles and brands to choose from but there will always be some questions regarding quality, durability, performance, design, etc. First, you want a phone case that will protect your device from dirt, scratches and shattered screens. Second, it has to look nice (it is what it is!).

1. Snap/Slim case vs Tough/Protective case with "Maya Line Art" design.

Lucky for you, we have two styles available for our main phone cases. The two of them have one thing in common - Besides protecting and styling your device, their otter shell is basically the same, made from 
high quality and durable polycarbonate material, making them both MagSafe-compatible too.

So, what is the main difference?

As you might have noticed, one of them are composed by two pieces - Yes, we're talking about our Tough case. This little helper comes with a inner black rubber piece that we'll giving that extra protection that you need. If you're a slightly clumsy, or even if you're just not willing to take the risk, this multi-layer, impact resistant design protects your device from serious drops, dirt, scrapes and bumps. Yes, it will add a bit of extra volume to your device but still slim enough so you can comfortably carry it everywhere you go.

2. Snap/Slim vs Tough/Protective with "Mineral Green" solid colour design.

Slim form factor & lightweight, there is no better way to describe our Snap cases. This case won’t add as much bulk to your device as much as other cases, but you’ll get plenty of protection for day-to-day use. It's a sleek design that only adds no more than 2.2mm thickness to your smartphone. It also has raised bezels to lift the screen and camera off flat surfaces to prevent it from scratches as well as covering all edges of your device for a better impact protection. Bear in mind that it isn't as rigid as the Tough, so if you're prone to dropping your cell phone then going for the Tough style might be a better choice.

Last but not least - another questions that is probably lingering in your minds right now - And the answer is: no. Unfortunately, both Snap and Tough phone cases are not compatible - This meaning that it will not work if you try to mix their parts together. Customers often ask if they can buy the otter shell for their Tough sparely to fit the black bumper but this can only be sold as one piece. Neither the Snap shell will fit the Tough's inner rubber. Similar products, yes, but different in some functions.

Ultimately, the best case for you depends on what you want from your phone: you need to decide if you want it to be stylish or safe. And yes, it can be both! You have our word for that.

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