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Returning your product? Opt for sustainable packaging!

4 Ideas For A More Sustainable Packaging
When Returning Your Products ♻️

For those who don't know us (yet!) we're trying to built and be known as a brand that, not only offers you stylish quality phone cases but also provides with options that are sustainable and planet friendly. A cause that we deeply care for.

This is not only, but one of the reasons that our packaging is made of basic recyclable materials. Yes, we do care about the aesthetics and the way we present it to our customers but our values speaks higher.

Cute and unnecessary wrapping and thank you notes will eventually end up in the bin without a second look. What's inside is what counts. Right? Right.

So let's see how can you improve your packing skills in a more eco-friendly way and return your item safely back to us. 

1 - Re-use

Nothing is more simple than our first step. We all have those shopping bags lying around in our homes waiting to be re-used. Nowadays most shops have their bags made with recycled materials and are mostly plastic-free. It's always a good idea do have a drawer in your kitchen (or any other place really) for those paper bags and un-ripped packages. And if you managed to save ours we'd be more than happy if you could use it!

2 - Don't over tape

Tape, tape and more tape! It is good for fixing and secure many things but don't forget that if you have the clear or brown ones, those things are made of plastic. The trick is using less tape. Don't worry, your package will be safe! Our cases are lightweight and easy to carry. And if you want to take a step forward, paper tape is a equally resistant for packing.

3 - Ship in a smaller package

Depending on the size of the item, the smaller the better! Excess of materials might turn the task of un-wapping it even more difficult and the amount that goes straight to the trash is bigger. So if you're packaging isn't recyclable, the waste is unjustified. A great example is using large letter paper envelopes. Most of us have it at home but you can also find them in any post office shop for less than £1 each.

4 - Compostable/plant-based packaging

Here to save the world! The words that we always look forward to hear: Compostable and Plant-Based and yes, there is now bags and lots of packaging options to choose from. A great example is our favourite brand noissue.co.uk - They've 100% compostable mailing bags starting from £12 for 50 units!

This is our 4 tips to eco-friendly packaging solutions that might help you, us and most importantly, help our planet 🌍
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