Phone Case Collection: New Trendy Autumnal Designs

Phone Case Collection: New Trendy Autumnal Designs

Autumn is officially here and winter is around the corner - Change of wardrobe, hot cocoa, pumpkin spice lattes, gingerbread, etc. Yes, all the colours and smells to embrace the new season. And speaking about new, we're so happy to introduce our Autumn/Winter 2021 collection full of trendy colours and designs inspired by all things autumnally.

In this collection you'll find versatile and easy to style tech accessories in colourways that we're 100% sure you're going to love. We'll take you through our creative process, starting with our mood board, colour palette to a final preview of our top 10 designs.


1. Mood board - Autumn/Winter 2021

Not only we love to illustrate and explore new trends, we do design phone cases that you can express yourself. A simple accessory can say lots about someones personal style - Expression comes trough colour, patterns, texture and in many other forms. These are the main things that we look for while making our research. We start by collecting different images/photos taking into consideration our own identity. Mood boards have been existing for ages and are a valuable tool used to put all the ideas in on place.  

2. Colour Palette 1

With it comes our personal favourite part: Colours. It is so important for us to have a proper selection of colours to use on our illustrations. If you've been following Acaso London for a while now, you'll notice that our preferences are pastel, delicate variations of colour rather than bold. But lately we've been having some fun experimenting with bolder tones and it has been a success.

 Acaso London - Top 10 Designs Autumn / Winter Collection3. Acaso London - Top 10 Designs Autumn / Winter Collection 2021

Phone cases and mirror "selfies" are now deeply connected. Even if you're not an "Instagram kinda person" we have to admit that a stylish phone case is always a must. We hope to prove a point with this brand new collection.

On our website you'll find a few of these designs and more colours available. We know it's important to have more than one option in terms of colour and that's why we always do at leat 4 different colourways of each design. More can also be found on our Etsy shop - AcasoLondon.

Our personal top favourites of this season are:

1. "Fall Landscape"
2. "Caramel Swirl Pattern"
3. "Jungle Jouy"

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